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Why should you invest in SEO?

Why should you invest in SEO?

Any investment in business is profitable, especially in SEO! Why exactly in this field? You’ll read about it in this article.

The first step: SEO audit

Companies that specialize in positioning always start cooperations with the same crucial step: detailed SEO audit. This is the only way to verify which solutions are working and which ones need to be improved or taken in a completely different direction. Each case requires a prior analysis. It should not only be insightful, but also qualitative. This is guaranteed by agencies or specialists operating in the field of network marketing. An example is SEO agency iCEA, which has a team of experienced specialist that carried out hundreds of audits for clients in various industries.

SEO optimization: the “to do” list can be full of tasks

We already know that first step of positioning process should start with a SEO audit. Not only in terms of SEO, but also other factors. To be perfectly honest, the number of tasks can be discouraging. When it comes to SEO, it is necessary to check with what phrases the site is displayed with and whether these keywords have been chosen correctly. If this field needs to be reorganized, the SEO specialist takes care of selecting new keywords and plans SEO texts, blog entries, articles that are based on anew selection. When creating a new strategy, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the activities of the competition. What kind of content they publish on their pages? Investing in SEO development also means optimizing the technical backend of the site, cleaning up the parameters of the site or implementing new elements. Placing SEO issues in the hands of a specialist, we can be sure that he will also take care of published content that is consistent with the selected keywords.

Cooperation with SEO agency saves time

Keep in mind that each specialist, in addition to the knowledge that we ourselves can acquire, also has experience and programs or tools. This affects the effectiveness and speed of their actions. SEO specialists focus on business grow and look for solutions on how to develop it online. And here, efficiency is a guarantee. The field of Internet marketing is constantly changing. So it is worth seeking support from those who are interested in SEO issues on a daily basis, developing everything that is new and effective. Looking for solutions on your own by trial and error method, may not always bring results. However, we all know that business needs to grow to make money.

SEO vs. paid advertising

Many web developers wonder which field is better to invest in? Paid ads, campaigns or Google Ads? There is no clear answer, as every business chooses their own path. However, there are several arguments that show that SEO is worth taking seriously. It generates not only clicks alone, but also leads and sales. Agencies test the solutions they implement, and it turns out that search engine results can make quite a fuss. Proper SEO generates over 20 times more clicks than advertising alone. What is the conclusion, then? Properly planned and implemented SEO principles attract the consumer over and over again. Importantly, also at the most crucial stage of his purchase journey.

Effective SEO = effective campaigns

An expert who works on our SEO optimization is also able to plan the right campaigns that will transform into excellent results. Let’s remember that website traffic alone is one side of the coin. To consider SEO effective, it must be followed by conversions and sales. The help of specialists is always based on a comprehensive service. Here one follows from the other, and this is worth remembering. Improving the site alone will not give us results immediately. It takes time, which means about three or four months, but it is worth waiting. During this time, when the site is newly embedded in the search engine, everything else will work and work for results.

Hiring SEO specialists for marketing and SEO tasks is perfect solution. It may be costly, but it’s quick and comes with a quality. If you’re running your own company and its online visibility is limited, it’s time to ask people in the industry about the reason of poor performing. What’s more, let the audit information itself turn into real actions as well as modifications. These will certainly raise the status of your business and its profitability. Many things can be done yourself, but the most essential ones are worth outsourcing further. We are confident that in addition to the changes themselves, the business will improve even more, and you will gain the necessary knowledge. Let’s remember that SEO allows you to reach your target audience. Ads, banners – all these reach everyone, regardless of whether they are your target audience or not. Act in the name of quality. Invest in what can raise the standing of your business where it is crucial. Don’t be afraid of novelty. Show confidence and open your head to the new. Perhaps the critical eye of a specialist outside your business will reveal cards you don’t even know about.

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iCEA Group
iCEA Group is the leading SEO agency in Poland, based in Poznań, specializing in a business approach to website positioning. Since 2007, we have been raising the bar in the SEO/SEM industry and we are proud to say that we have the largest technical department in Poland, led by the best SEO experts with many years of experience. Our services are not limited to the Polish market, as we also run campaigns in India and the USA. With our expertise and dedication, we enable our clients to achieve online success.
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