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How does organic SEO work?

How does organic SEO work?

SEO can be charged when it occurs in the form of AdWords ads. Another type is natural SEO also known as organic SEO. The chances of appearing in this kind of search results have every website, which has been indexed in Google. What are the characteristics of organic positioning and can SEO in this form be beneficial for the website?

What is organic SEO?

Natural Website positioning consists of optimizing the code and content of the website and building a link database. All of this allows you to develop a high page rank without having to invest in AdWords advertising. However, SEO in this form is quite demanding. In order to achieve the top position for various keywords, it is necessary to make changes in the code of the website. All this is in order to eliminate significant errors from it.

Many of these modifications are invisible to the user, which manifests itself in changes to the description, page title, setting redirects, or removing internal duplicates. Visible changes, on the other hand, consist in inserting additional articles and headings, placing address data, as well as adding links in the menu, or creating a blog and a series of the most popular short questions and answers (FAQ). Sometimes these extensive activities are not enough anyway, and organic positioning requires the creation of new subpages or sections. At the same time, you need to take care of valuable backlinks, preferably from pages with high PageRank. Finally, the scope of work performed varies and depends on the competition or promoted keywords.

Individuals relying on the natural SEO of their websites must be aware of the fact that fighting for a high position on the website is then complicated and time-consuming. The only exception is to carry out activities for not widely used keywords, which in the era of huge competition and popularization of the Internet is simply unrealistic.

Organic SEO - regularity matters

Positioning pages organically, even after achieving satisfactory results, these actions cannot be stopped. Google search engine algorithms are constantly being improved. Additionally, the importance of positioning factors changes, i.e. keywords in the description, texts, titles, and headings, their density in articles, the length of content, or the quality and quantity of incoming links. Besides, the positioning activities are carried out by the competition. All this makes the owner of the website continue the positioning, adjusting the website to the requirements of algorithms and gaining as many valuable links as possible.

Organic SEO is therefore demanding and involves constant work on the position of the website in Google search results. At the first stage, the effects may be unsatisfactory. However, you should not give up, because the results of this form of positioning are visible only after several months, and occasionally even years.

Achieving a high position in the top 5 or even top 3 search results for a given keyword phrase may significantly increase the number of visitors to the site. Even after the removal of positioning activities, the website will still be higher in search engines than websites that have not been positioned. This is not the problem with paid AdWords advertisements. In this case, the ads appear on Google and on the websites of partners cooperating within the Google AdSense program. In this case, the effects are immediate, and the page in the promoted places appears immediately, but only until the end of the advertising campaign.

Organic positioning in Google is therefore essential to stay in the top results of Google search engine for longer. Using only AdWords ads does not make sense and is associated with a large financial expense. The best results are obtained by combining the two methods of positioning, step by step building the position of the site in Google, while using sponsored links as needed.

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