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How can SEO/SEM agency help your business grow?

How can SEO/SEM agency help your business grow?

Nowadays, building a company’s image on the Internet is a requirement. There are various activities used for promotion, about which you can learn quite a lot on your own. However, having no experience is quite risky. You can lose your position, which is not easy to regain later. That is why SEO/SEM agencies are here to help.

What do these abbreviations mean?

SEO definition

SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”, which means optimization of websites for search engines, commonly known as positioning. Its goal is to achieve the highest possible position in search results and increase traffic or sales (in the case of stores).

SEM definition

SEM, on the other hand, stands for “Search engine marketing.” It is an element of online marketing, which is a broader term and also includes SEO activities. It consists of various promotional activities such as paid advertisements appearing in search results. This way the advertisement reaches the recipient at the moment when they are most interested in a given offer.

Why is this so important?

Most people who wish to find a product, service, or information start their search on the Internet. Each year the importance of promotion on the Internet is growing. Competition is really huge and everyone wants to get first place. This is where the scope for a professional company begins. They offer, among others: social media management, e-mail marketing, content marketing, website positioning, or audit. All these activities increase the visibility of the website in search results.

Activities to generate an effect in the form of a position are very different depending on the industry, size, target audience, and other factors. Therefore, each client must be approached individually and the method of action must be adjusted.

For example, activities conducted for small businesses are often only local because they want to focus their activities on a particular region.

The major advantage of these companies is that they offer comprehensive activities. There is no need to hire several companies, just one that will take care of the entire image of the company. Therefore, among the employees there can be no lack of a graphic designer or programmer.

Scope of agency services

  1. SEO audit

It is an examination of a website, which consists of thorough verification of the website structure, content, URLs, links, and source code. All data is collected based on the knowledge of analysts and several tools.

  1. Page optimization

This is a series of actions that are aimed at increasing the visibility of the website and is the basis of SEO activities. The optimization is preceded by an audit of the website. The optimization process is based on previously selected key phrases that have a high number of searches.

  1. Link building

Link building is the acquisition of external links, i.e. links leading to a given website. Popular sources of such links are e.g.: internet forums, social portals, or blogs.

  1. Social media

Nowadays, social media has huge power and is one of the best places to promote your company. The most important thing here is the content that will interest the audience and the regularity of publication. Creativity also matters due to the high competition.

  1. Content marketing

By publishing valuable content, you increase traffic to your website and attract potential customers. The goals of content marketing are rather obvious – to make the recipient interested in a given service or product.

Many companies also provide web design services. This allows the website from the beginning to be under the supervision of one company and already at the start is positioned in a good way.

SEM companies need to constantly analyze the results of their efforts. Due to the changing Google algorithm, they have to learn new techniques and broaden their knowledge. Actions that were effective not long ago, soon become ineffective and we have to look for new solutions.

Activities conducted in agencies are long-term and you have to wait for the effects. However, it is worth using their professional help and being sure that it will bring results.

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iCEA Group
iCEA Group is the leading SEO agency in Poland, based in Poznań, specializing in a business approach to website positioning. Since 2007, we have been raising the bar in the SEO/SEM industry and we are proud to say that we have the largest technical department in Poland, led by the best SEO experts with many years of experience. Our services are not limited to the Polish market, as we also run campaigns in India and the USA. With our expertise and dedication, we enable our clients to achieve online success.
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