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SXO – little things that bring great results

SXO – little things that bring great results

Since man mastered the Internet and introduced the first businesses to the WWW, new ways to promote them have appeared. Internet marketing is evolving practically overnight, reaching us through apps, banners, newsletters, AR games and contests. Although the forms and channels through which we can reach a potential customer differ in many respects, they all have one thing in common – only skillful use of their advantages will bring profits, and stagnation and failure to adapt to the changing market will lead to budget burnout and losses. It is the same with SEO, which evolves year after year, forcing specialists to change their approach. A great example of this is the SXO, which has recently attracted more and more attention. Is it worth it? Let’s check it out!

Increase in organic traffic, what’s next?

Ever since the first link exchange systems and text mixers appeared, the goal of SEO has been to increase organic traffic to the website. Although the methods of positioning have changed dramatically over the years, and revolutionary tools have appeared on the market that allow for even deeper analysis and automation of work, the key indicator of the effectiveness of SEO campaigns is still changes in the visibility of the domain on Google and the resulting changes in organic traffic. SXO changes that approach.

SXO is not new. It is over 10 years of experience driven by modern technology

Although the concept of Search Experience Optimization has appeared in the industry relatively recently, its assumptions have been present in industry discussions for over a decade.

It is a positioning concept based on content and solutions that focus primarily on user convenience and usability, and not on optimization for ranking algorithms. In short – more value for the user, less for the robot.

So, it is a turn towards naturalness. Although SXO focuses on operating based on user behavior analysis, at the basis of each campaign we will still find typical positioning works, such as technical optimization or link building.

The element that stands out beyond the standard SEO service is cyclical research on the path the client takes to reach us from the search results, and then to achieve his goal within our website.

How is SXO made?

Each implementation as part of the SXO campaign begins with several activities included in the standard SEO service, such as a technical audit, link profile audit or preparation of a positioning strategy. At the same time, when SEO specialists and web developers deal with the elimination of errors and implementation of improvements according to the official guidelines for webmasters, user experience specialists begin their work, conducting UX audits, research, and session recordings. This group is also joined by analysts measuring such metrics as CTR, time spent on the website, pogo sticking or returns to search results.

What is the reason for the advantage of SXO over traditional positioning?

We already know that the effective implementation of SXO must not only include great SEO specialists and web developers, but also UX specialists, analysts, and copywriter/ editors.

A larger team means higher costs, and more changes to increase sales. Someone might ask at this point – what’s the point of all this in a situation where an SEO with an appropriate budget works?

The answer is simple – faster, bigger, and more reliable results. Learning more about the characteristics of the promoted business, creating valuable content that will actually help users, and not just a carrier for selected key phrases or, finally, regular user behavior research and surveys among acquired customers are a way to find the best and most effective version of online business.

SXO not only builds visibility in the search engine, thus attracting new users, but also makes sure that they find what they are looking for in a simple and convenient way. This translates into a much higher conversion, and thus profits generated from the visibility already owned and developed in the future. Take advantage of the experience of a team of SXO specialists who will make you start earning more. During the free consultation, you will find out which activities are most optimal for your website.

This article was written in cooperation with Marcin Zielińskisenior SEO at iCEA Group

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