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How to build customer engagement and acquire leads?

How to build customer engagement and acquire leads?

Search engine optimization can be tricky to get right, but thankfully, it’s not the only way to acquire new leads and bring in more business from your website. If you want to know how to increase customer engagement to acquire leads and grow your business, here are some key factors to consider. Before you start acquiring valuable leads, you need to learn more about the theory itself.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is an important part of any business strategy because it allows you to attract and convert new customers. In essence, lead generation is a systematic approach for drawing potential customers into your company and encouraging them to take some sort of action, whether that’s making a purchase or providing their contact information. So this is the moment to give up traditional content distribution channels to their virtual version, which, however, requires additional support in the form of optimization of activities.

Types of leads

When you’re trying to attract new customers, you should think about who your ideal target audience is, and in what form they’ll be most receptive. In some cases, it might make sense for you to reach out to people via social media. In others, you might want to send them a more personal email. When brainstorming strategies for reaching out and acquiring new customers through lead generation campaigns, it’s important that you’re truly understanding your target market.

The most general division distinguishes sales and marketing leads. SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) are the most valuable in the context of online transactions. MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads), in turn, are contacts that have shown interest in our sales offer, but still require additional analysis to be finalized.

Hot leads, warm leads, cold leads

There are three types of leads that you can reach out to: hot, warm and cold.

Hot leads are ones who have been looking for your product or service in recent days or weeks. Warm leads have shown interest in your product or service within a few months to a year ago, while cold leads have not interacted with your company for over a year. However, all lead generation strategies should be directed at acquiring hot leads first, they’re more likely to convert into customers than any other type of lead is.

Lead magnet

A lead magnet is something you offer in exchange for an email address, such as a report, ebook or guide. Think of it as a bribe: by giving away valuable content, you can entice more people to engage with your brand. The goal here is to get those leads into your sales funnel and start nurturing them into customers.

Lead scoring

Marketers can also assign a lead score to each person who fills out a form on their website, based on demographic information and how they respond to certain questions. Marketers need to be able to follow up with potential customers quickly in order for them not slip through their fingers.

Lead scoring is one of many tools that help you keep track of your prospects as they move down your sales funnel. Identify which questions are most important and send leads directly into your CRM based on their responses.

Lead Nurturing - what is this?

Rome was not built in a day. Lead nurturing is a strategy for guiding consumers through a sales funnel by feeding them relevant content and offers at every stage of their buyer’s journey. It is intended to be an ongoing process that continues over time.

Lead nurturing is education about the product, opportunities available on the market. Don’t attack, you have to be gentle. Identify opportunities to meet customer needs, then implement changes in stages so that they are barely visible. The goal of lead nurturing is to create awareness, generate interest, build trust, educate customers about your product or service, encourage action (such as requesting more information), qualify leads, convert prospects into customers and keep in touch with existing customers.

Conversion and leads

While lead generation has many facets, conversion rates are king. If you don’t know how to convert site visitors into leads, you won’t be able to generate enough of them to scale your business. But if you can improve your conversion rate by even a small amount, the number of high-quality leads that come through your funnel will drastically increase.

What is conversion? In the world of optimization and positioning, it is the activity of transforming a passive website user into an active recipient or consumer. It is a kind of interaction, e.g. clicking on a link, creating an account, subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase. Engagement and interactions can be translated into numbers. Just divide the number of conversions by the number of users and multiply the result by 100%.

If you want to grow your business, you’ll need to capture more of the lead-generation opportunities available to you. Whether it’s by increasing overall lead generation or boosting conversion rates, learning how to make these changes can have a big impact on your bottom line.


Increasing customer engagement should be everyone’s goal as a business owner. Engaging customers helps improve retention, generate repeat business and encourage referrals. Research suggests a lot of customers don’t engage with brands even when they want to. 48% of consumers say they are only willing to give a company one chance before moving on, which is why it’s so important for you to know what your brand stands for and how you can interact with customers in an authentic way that encourages them to keep coming back.

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